[Glade-users] shift a image

On Thu, 2007-04-05 at 07:03 +0100, amit bag wrote:
Hi Tristan,
           I have four images in one window by using
Gtkfixed. Then I add a cursor image innitially on
image one and I want to shift the cursor image to
image NO. 2 when I press the right arrow key .For that
I have to select key_press_event .But I don't know how
to move the cursor image from one image to the other
by pressing the arrow key .I think now you r getting
what I want .Please help me .

Yes I get it now...

There are a few ways you can do this, I would connect
to key-press-event on the GtkFixed parent and make
sure that GTK_CAN_FOCUS (fixed) but also make sure
that (!GTK_CAN_FOCUS (image_children)), this way you
only have to catch the key-press-event on ONE widget
if that widget has keyboard focus.

As a technical side note, ofcourse you must be sure
that the fixed widget's event mask is setup properly
to recieve key events.


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