[Glade-users] Save window flickering, about dialog close button, accelerators

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I'm new to glade-3, I used glade-2 before. I upgraded and have some
problems now, but all in all I like glade-3 very much and I'm happy that
there's such a useful tool!

First, a save window which worked perfectly in glade-2 is flickering
strangely with glade 3.2 - the width is changing very fast, so the
window is sometimes small and sometimes broader. This stops if i expand
the "Browse for other folders" expander. I've no idea why.

Second, the close button in my about dialog doesn't close the window

Third, with glade-2, i configured "Accelerators" for the return key to
invoke the "clicked" signal of my "OK" buttons. The user could close
small windows by just pressing return then, and I had only to set this
"Accelerator" in glade. In glade-3, i click on some button, go to the
"Common" tab in the property editor, click on "..." right of the
"Accelerator" label at the bottom, a window pops up and it shows only 5
signals where I can set an accelerator for. In the "Signals" tab in the
property editor there are many more signals to chose. Why?

Thanks for help.
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Sincerely yours
  Julian von Mendel

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