[Glade-users] GtkImage in another directory

Working with Glade, Python and Gtk. 

I add a GtkImage in the Window and inform that imagem.png is in another
directory, but the image is not shown when I execute the Python program.
The image is only shown to case it if a find the same in directory of
the Window. 

If to edit arquivo.glade of the Window and to remove the line of the
property stock of the GtkImage the problem is solved. 

              <widget class="GtkImage" id="image1">
                <property name="visible">True</property>
                <property name="xpad">6</property>
                <property name="ypad">6</property>
                <property name="pixbuf">imagem.png</property>
                <property name="stock">gtk-missing-image</property>
<---------- To remove this line.

This procedure has that to be carried through manually all time where to
open the project in the Glade. 

How to solve this? 


Antonio Prado

Analista de Sistemas.
s?tio: http://www.antonioprado.eti.br
email: suporte at antonioprado.eti.br
msn..: suporte at antonioprado.eti.br
skype: suporte_prado
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