[Glade-users] 'Stacking' glade interfaces inside one another?


I have done something similar to what you request by using one of the 
libglade API calls for generating an interface based on a root widget.  (I 
forget the call off the top of my head...I can get to the code tomorrow to 
give you specifics...) Effectively you:

1.  generate your root window and the container widgets you want to stick 
the other windows in.
2.  grab the top level container(s) from the window(s) you want to add to 
your root window
3.  add the top level container(s) to the container widgets obtained in (1)

I used a tab folder for this, i.e. had several different windows that got 
stuffed into different tabs.

Hopefully that helps...sorry I don't have the exact function call memorized.


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Subject: [Glade-users] 'Stacking' glade interfaces inside one another?

Is it possible to 'stack' one glade interface inside another?

For example, I'd have 1 large window, which contains other smaller 
'windows'. I realise that these smaller 'windows' wouldn't be windows - ie 
I don't want separate GtkWindow objects, but all the *child* objects of 
the smaller window, to be placed in my main window.

+          Main Window         +
+    Common    +    Another    +
+     Sub      +      Sub      +
+    Window    +    Window     +

So I'd do something like add an hbox, and then *somehow* populate it with 
the widgets from separate glade forms ( minus the top-level GtkWindow ).

The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to be able to easily share these 
smaller windows between applications, and also in different sections of 
the same application.


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