[Glade-users] Destroy and rebuild a treeview widget

Hi Tristan,

Can I use this discussion to ask you more about treeview?
There is a deprecated widget named ColumnedList.

It could meet my need but I can't use it with the bindings I'm using.
Do you know why it is deprecated ?


On 6/5/06, Tristan Van Berkom <tvb gnome org> wrote:

Mehdi Rabah wrote:
Hi Guillaume,

I'm quite new to gtk/glade but I understand you can't manage the rows of
treeview from glade2.
So you have to manage treeViewColumn or dataColumn from within your
and if you want to remove/add column, you have to use the method of the
treeView class

     Currently with glade-2 or glade-3 there is still no real support
for treeview editing (should be in glade-3 sometime this year...).

If your going to rebuild your treeview I'd suggest you dont bother
building it in glade at all at this point (since you need to setup
all the columns and renderers yourself).

Basicly... after creating and adding the treeview...
gtk_container_remove() should be enough to remove the treeview
from its container and destroy it... at which point you should
create your new treeview and add it to the hierarchy.


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