[Glade-users] assertion `GTK_IS_SPIN_BUTTON (spin_button)' failed

I have a problem programing. I get this error when I release a botton
and tried to accede to a
spinning entry:

(main:3103): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_spin_button_get_value_as_int:
assertion `GTK_IS_SPIN_BUTTON (spin_button)' failed

This is my code:

release_signal_botton (GtkWidget * widget, gpointer user_data)
 GtkWidget* spin;
 int variable;

 spin = glade_xml_get_widget (xml, "spin_tau");

 variable = gtk_spin_button_get_value_as_int (GTK_SPIN_BUTTON (spin));
 printf ("Valor: %d\n", variable);


I have  in the main function the line:
xml = glade_xml_new ("test.glade", NULL, NULL);
And xml is a global variable:
GladeXML *xml;

Thank you verry much.

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