[Glade-users] Finding widget from its name?

jan at talentex.demon.co.uk wrote:
Is there a function that allows one to search for a widget using its 
name or label? I'm using Glade 2 to design a window (just a basic input form),
and each widget has a unique name. Unfortunately Glade doean't save any
 global pointers to the widgets; I can only assume that there must
be another way to find the objects from within the callback functions.

    when you call glade_xml_get_widget (GladeXML *xml, gchar *widget_name)
you immediately get the widget by its name in the dynamicly constructed
UI, later you can always recurse down the gtk toplevels searching for a widget
by its name, but usually its easy and possible to just pass the pointer around
once its been initially obtained at initialization time.


BTW: try glade 3 :)

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