[Glade-users] gtkmm gtk::Combo usage and popdown strings


I have a glade designed application, loading the glade file and 
then the widgets via get_widget in C++.

I have a Gtk::Combo box that appears to work fine.

I load the popdown strings with code such as:



all appears to work fine. I have two combos and I need to change the
of combo2 when the selection in combo1 changes. I have hooked the On changed
signal from combo1, and then build a new list of popdown strings for 
combo2. However, when I do:


It appears to work, but I get a console message saying GTK-Critical, 
strings != null assertion failed.

It appears to have worked, combo2 has the correct strings in it.

How do I change an existing set of popdown strings without getting the

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