[Glade-users] Re: why does save-built overwrites my callbacks? (y g)

On 5/20/05, mw158979 <newbie poczta gazeta pl> wrote:
From: y g <odysseus lost gmail com>
hi, i dont understand why glade save and build overwrites my callbacks
file to an old one... as well as how does this save/build chooses when
to add functions to the file etc.... links, tips would be

It does not overwrite callbacks.c, but appends new text at the end.
Perhaps you had many editor sessions on that file.
no, definetely not...

If not, describe exactly what did you do, what happened, does it
appear every time, ...

ok let me try collaborate... indeed save-built appends new callbacks
in the end of the source files... and in fact it does not delete any
removed functions previously declared... however, it has occured to me
that the callbacks.* files were overwritten with some previous
versions in the first couple of occasions they were opened for
editing...  however, the last couple of times i had them closed (well
not exiting the editor) and the same thing happened... oh one little
thing which is also important is that the save-built "should" not
modify the callbacks.* files as there were no new callbacks added...
just some widgets....


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