[Glade-users] Deactivated Widgets

Hi folks,

I have developed a prototype interface for my project using Glade_2.  When it is
shown under Glade it appears notmal and the menus do what menus do etc. 
However, when I have Gated to GtkAda it and compile the code with GAP-1.1.0
(Windows XP(Home)) the entire window and all the widgets are inactive,
greyed-out, whatever.  Nothing works.

I have gone back through the widgets in Glade but I can't find anywhere where I
have selected that option.

What am I liable to have done?

"Professional qualitative judgement
   consists in knowing the rules
     for using (or occasionally breaking)
       the rules."
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Rick Duley
Murdoch University
School of Engineering Science
Perth, Western Australia
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