[Glade-users] Re: how to build an application with multiple "pop up" windows (y g)

hi there, i am beginning learning gtk and glade... and apologies for
such  a basic question but i ve been looking to a few tutorials and
havent found an answer to the following... i want to create an
application with multiple popup windows...

an easy way to illustrate that is let's just say i have window1 with
just one button which when you click it it shows window2 which has a
form and an ok button to close it.... now as there quite a few
questions that i have is there anywhere some documentation about

1) project your windows with glade, add your components, forms, buttons, ...
2) to make program respond clicking define apropriate callbacks in section
e.g. for button, signal "pressed"
3) build code by a button at the toolbar of glade main window (traditional
4) edit your files - in callbacks.c you will find an empty fuction that will
be called
when picked button was pressed - you can create there another window and
show it
or just show if it is created already, in another callback you can hide it
or destroy
(don't show destroyed window). Use functions from the GTK API, or that
by glade in interface.h (window creators) and support.h (lookup_widget).
Edit main.c to determine what to show at the start.
5) compile [run]


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