[Glade-users] GtkComboBoxEntry height


I'm trying to add a GtkComboBoxEntry widget to a toolbar, but it seems
to always take up all the height it can. The GtkEntry & GtkCombo
widgets don't do this, but since GtkCombo is deprecated I'd like the
avoid using it. So basically I want the GtkComboBoxEntry to use only
the height it needs.

This is what it currently looks like:
- http://www.stellingwerff.com/gtkcomboboxentry.png

and here's the glade file I'm working with:
- http://www.stellingwerff.com/gtkcomboboxentry.glade

I've played with the 'Fill' and 'Expand' properties, but they seem to
only affect the width, not the height. Hopefully someone can point out
what I'm doing wrong.

Kind regards,
Richard Stellingwerff.

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