[Glade-users] extend Drawing Area class

Jeff Simpson wrote:
Oh, perfect! That will help a ton, thanks!

Do you happen to know offhand if it can be done without needing the
XML file? I don't think I have a need for one, since I'm using just
the defaults for drawingArea and all other customizations will be
right in the code. Do you know what I need to set in glade to make it
fill in the extra parameters for the constructor (right now, glade is
leaving the constructor parameters empty in the custom widget) Thanks!

The example uses libglade and therefore needs the more complex 
constructor. This is just as described in the gtkmm/glade example - it 
is needed for get_widget_derived() to work.
If you use glade generated code I think you just use the normal (no 
parameters) constructor and go from there - but as I have never done 
that I can only speculate.

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