[Glade-users] extend Drawing Area class

Oh, perfect! That will help a ton, thanks!

Do you happen to know offhand if it can be done without needing the
XML file? I don't think I have a need for one, since I'm using just
the defaults for drawingArea and all other customizations will be
right in the code. Do you know what I need to set in glade to make it
fill in the extra parameters for the constructor (right now, glade is
leaving the constructor parameters empty in the custom widget) Thanks!

 - Jeff

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 21:16:04 +0100, Michael Kleiber <mike kleibi de> wrote:
I wrote an app using glade and the drawingarea widget. The drawing area
just needs to be subclassed with added functionality. The gtkmm
documentation has all the infos you need. I added my class file so you
have a pointer of how this works.


email me if you want a gmail invite, I have some invites

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