[Glade-users] About writing in interface.c

Le jeu 02/09/2004 =E0 18:34, Mario Carugno a =E9crit :
Hi there !
I'm learning Glade and have the next problem. I designed an interface
and read that interface.c can not be edited by hand. That's ok.
In my designed UI, i put a 'treeview', but i know that treeviews needs
some extra code in order to work, such as define a model (with
GtkListStore), an iterator and so on.
Now, since i can't touch interface.c, where can i write the code to
get the treeview completed ? Even to make my treeview global, i have
to write into interface.c
I know that i can get a widget reference in a callback (with
lookup_widget), but is there some 'load' signal ?
Well, sorry about my english and thanks.

You shouldn't create the GUI code directly with Glade. Instead you
should use libglade. It loads the .glade file (which is in XML format)
at run-time.
See http://www.jamesh.id.au/software/libglade/
bdusauso (ASCII 64) beeznest (ASCII 46) net

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