[Glade-users] ANNOUNCE: Glade 2.6.3


Glade 2.6.3


Glade is a User Interface Builder for GTK+ and GNOME.

Glade 2.6 requires GTK+ 2.4, and GNOME >= 2.6 (if you want GNOME
support). Interfaces created with Glade 2.6 will also require
GTK+ 2.4 and GNOME 2.6, so if you want your application to work
with previous versions of GTK+ or GNOME you should use a previous
version of Glade.


Glade 2.6.3     (Oct 19 2004)
 o Fixed problem with missing '...' buttons in the property editor.

Glade 2.6.2     (Oct 13 2004)
 o Build fix - mkinstalldirs wasn't in the tarball.

Glade 2.6.1     (Oct 12 2004)
 o Save window positions between sessions.
 o Rewrote selection drawing code so it works better on win32.
 o Support "translatable", "context" and "comments" attributes for text
   properties to help with translation.
 o Bug fixes.




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