[Glade-users] why using libglade is better...

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004 15:11:49 -0600, Neil Zanella <nzanella gmail com> wrote:
I currently have an application consisting of somewhere around
an estimated 4,000 widgets. In the past, I'd break everything down
in small modules and compile separately to speed up compile time.
Now, with libglade, there is no compile step for changes in the user
interface, so long as I do not change the names of my widgets.


So things should be faster and I don't even need to make several
modules: I can just pack it all in one big XML file without impacting
development time.


Very right,
     these are a few of the reasons that code generation will not  be
supported by glade-3 and is generaly discouraged. (Although I prefer 
to keep my interfaces/screens seperated on a per gladefile basis, this
just makes things easier to maintain).


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