[Glade-users] suggestion: sticky properties in property editor

Dave Andruczyk <djandruczyk yahoo com> wrote:

Why not just place one, set it's attributes, then copy/paste it and fix glade
so that ALL properties (aside from the widget's name) are copied.  The current
glade-2.4.x does NOT do this correctly for widgets because it fails to copy the
packing flags (when packed into a box and.or table) when doing a copy/paste.

You are right. Copy and paste is the way to go here, not what I
suggested, because
copy and paste is much simpler. It is too bad that the packing flags do not copy
correctly. Sometimes I need to copy a container without its contents, just so
that I can copy its default parameters. Nevertheless, copy and paste is
again the way to go. Being able to select cut items from the clipboard
to paste them elsewhere later is a real neat feature. I should
remember to utilize it more often.



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