[Glade-users] Issues with interface created with Glade-2 2.0.1-4

 --- "Peter T. Mayer" <peter_t_mayer yahoo de> a �crit : 
Have you noticed, that there are 2 Glade-2 Versions in Unstable:

glade-2 - GTK+ 2 User Interface Builder
glade-gnome-2 - GTK+ 2 User Interface Builder (with GNOME 2 support)

Maybe this helps.

oh damn, i'm terribly sorry, i need to install glade-gnome-2 of course.
i don't know what happened in the process of updating...

since i was maintaining my interface with glade-2 before, i guess i had glade-gnome-2 installed
before.... perhaps the two weren't conflicting before ?

anyway, i fell terribly ashame!
sorry for wasting your time.

and thank you very much for the replies!

alrite, let's get rid of those GtkCombo's and GtkOptionMenu's....


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