[Glade-users] Issues with interface created with Glade-2 2.0.1-4

On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 19:20, Pascal Giard wrote:
Hi there,
  i'm writing an application using an interface created with Glade-2 2.0.1-4.

Recently, Glade-2 2.6.0-3 made it into Debian unstable.
As soon as i noticed it, i started it up. I was curious to see the new stuff (especially

Opening my glade project file, i noticed that most of my windows weren't rendered correctly (not
showing the widgets contained in the window).

3 windows out of 7 are correctly shown.

At first, i thought it might be caused by the deprecated widgets i was using,
i.e. GtkCombo and GtkOptionMenu. (In fact, i was waiting for gtk-2.4 and glade-2 2.6 to reach
debian unstable.)

But, it seems that it's not only that because i've at least one window without GtkCombo nor
GtkOptionMenu. It contains Gnome widgets, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Finally, i seek advices in order to smoothly move to gtk-2.4/glade-2 2.6/gnome2.6 .
I must admit that i wasn't expecting my interface to be broken when opened in the new glade-2

FYI: my glade project file can be found in the CVS at:

I've just loaded it into glade 2.6.0 here and I can't immediately spot a

Can you describe the problems? (Or send me screenshots privately if you


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