[Glade-users] About Glade

I've tried you said, but it does not work.
I'm sorry if my questions are boring, but I'm not an expert on Linux.

I don't know if the problem is in my installation. I'm using lately a
Mandrake 9.0.
It seems that ./configure works fine, but when I try to make the
problems appears. Does I need any strange library? I don't think so,
because Glade comes in my distribution, and I suppose it may work
Any idea?

I've seen your tutorial. Very good! Nive job


El dl, 26-01-2004 a las 23:30, Rikke D. Giles escribi=F3:
Hola Tomas!
Type ./configure in your project's subdirectory.
That will configure the project for your system.
Then type make.
That will compile the program.  If you look in the /src subdirectory =20
after that, you will find the executable.
If you type make install after typing make, that will install the =20
program system-wide, so any user can use it.  I don't usually do this =20
until after I'm finished debugging.
PS there are numerous tutorials on the web about glade.
One of them was written by me, and is at www.kplug.org/tutorials.  It's =20
going to be updated soon as I try and keep tutorials up to date every =20

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