[Glade-users] Passing user data to Signal Handler

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 03:43, Joe Scaduto wrote:

I have been using Glade for awhile now but I have yet to figure out what
the 'Object' and 'After' fields in Properties->Signals.  Can someone
please explain to me what these fields are used for? I am trying to pass
data to my signal handlers but I do not know how to using Glade. I am
thinking the 'Object' and/or 'After' fields have something to do with

'After' (usually) makes the handler run after the widget class function.
See the GTK+ docs on signals.

'Object' passes another object as the first argument to the handler.
(Also see the GTK+ docs.) But this tends to make things confusing so it
is best not to use it.

You can't pass data to signal handlers, unfortunately.
You can use things like g_object_set_data() to store data inside the
widgets though.


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