[Glade-users] images on a button on a toolbar

On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 19:02, davidgn servidor unam mx wrote:
Hello. I need to modify the image on a button on a toolbar to give some
visual feedback, but I dont know, what widget is the child of the
GtkImage? or GtkPixmap? or some other widget that eventually leads to
one of those two?

And, how can I pick it in order to modify it? from
GTK_BIN(my_gtk_button)->child ?

Have been looking through the archives, and found something similar with
labels, but being images, I'm not sure

I think the button is usually a vbox or hbox with a GtkImage and maybe a
label in it.

You can possibly step through GTK_TOOLBAR(toolbar)->children to find the
GtkToolbarChild you need to change. See the toolbar source code in

(Note that the toolbar is changing quite a bit in the next GTK+ release
so this may not work then.)


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