[Glade-users] How to add Widgets to GLADE2 ???

Hi there, I new at this kind of stuff - GUI programing!

I need to add to my GUI a widget that Plots some interger 
values, read from a Text File, in Real Time.

I think that GTKExtra and GTKPlot are the only widgets 
libraries available for GTK+, I'm I right??

If so, how can I integrate GTKExtra and/or GTKPlot widgets 
in GLADE2 so I can use them on my project.

Thanks in advance!!!

|    Jos� Pedro S. Rom�o Machado    |
|       (DET/LEET - N�15993)        |
|      Universidade de Aveiro       |
| Dep. de Elect. e Telecomunica��es |
|           (www.ua.pt)             |

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