[Glade-users] Drawing area click signal

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 11:22:36 -0500, Jeff Simpson <llcooljeff gmail com> wrote:
I'm using Glade-2 and gtkmm to develop a C++ gtk application. I am
having trouble getting some signals to work. I make the object in
glade, assign a signal to a function, save and build. The function
prototype shows up in the code, but no matter what I put into the
function, it doesn't execute. Here's a breakdown of my results:

toggle button: click event works
normal button: click doesn't work
window: can't find any event that means "created" or "show" that works
drawing area: click doesn't work, show doesn't work
menus: won't compile with menus

Can anybody point me in a direction where I could find a way to make
some of these things work? I know when I was using C with glade, I had
to put in a single-line to enable the click signal on the drawing
area, but I can't find a parallel in C++. Thanks!

glade-2 allows you to set "Events" in the common tab of the property editor.

To recieve "button-press-event" on a drawing area, be sure to mark it

If you want to know what "signal" is appropriate for what "GObject", this is the
approach I use, always browse the doc using this page: 


Pay special attention to "Object Hierarchy" section of every api documentation
page, example; gtkbutton API says:


This means that all the functions & signals listed in the API for
GObject, GtkObject,
GtkWidget, GtkContainer & GtkBin are valid for the GtkButton.


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