[Glade-users] Display data with Glade


I am programming with Glade to display 1024 points 16bit data from an
Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). The function gdk_draw_lines () or
gdk_draw_points() seems like a good choice. Apparently I need to scale
my data in both x- and y-axis so that they can be display by a smaller
window (e.g. 640*480). In that case, nearly half of the data will be
lost (from 1024 points downto 640 pixels). I'm wondering if there's any
other good methods can handle this problem without losing part of the

I have another question: how can I display a static background, which
simulats the grids of an oscilloscope, with the dynamic data? 

You may take a look at the gtkdatabox library, it is doing exactly what
you're after:


Best wishes,


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