[Glade-users] practical question: apps locating glade file

On Tue, 07 Dec 2004 18:54:49 +0200, Tommi Komulainen
<tommi komulainen nokia com> wrote:

In Galeon we do things roughly as follows:

  /* for running inside the toplevel directory (./src/galeon) */
  gladexml = glade_xml_new ("./ui/galeon.glade", ...);
  /* for running in src/ subdirectory (./galeon) */
  if (!gladexml)
    gladexl = glade_xml_new ("../ui/galeon.glade", ...);
  if (!gladexml)
    gladexl = glade_xml_new (GLADEDIR "/galeon.glade", ...);

Sort of OK, but it seems this method needs a recompile in order
to do a make install. On the other hand I can't think of a better
solution, and it seems to me that having glade_xml_new itself
do the directory searching for the given file inappropriate.

Thanks for your feedback,


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