[Glade-users] can't always find needed stock items in GtkMenuBar Menu Editor

Hello, I have a small "bug" report (which is probably more about the
way I'm using Glade, but anyway...)

I'm experiencing a problem trying to edit someone else's .glade file
(it's for http://liferea.sf.net/).

1. open liferea's .glade file in Glade 2.5.0
2. double-click "mainwindow" to edit liferea's main application window
3. select the GtkMenuBar, named "menubar"
4. click "Edit Menus..." in the Property Editor
5. select the GtkMenuItem with the label "About" 
6. click on the Stock Item dropdown

Could select "About" with a yellow star.

Many stock items, including "_About", are missing from the Stock Item dropdown.


Any ideas on what I might try to be able to make the About child item
in the Help menu item into a Stock Item from within Glade? I'm
proceeding manually (writing the C by hand) right now, but I would
really like to understand what's going on in Glade.

Here's one of the Google searches I tried when looking for information
on the subject:
site:lists.ximian.com inurl:glade "menu editor" stock
Would anyone suggest a better search technique?

Side note: how might I convince the liferea authors to use libglade?
They would rather generate C code to avoid adding pre-install
dependencies to their project. I'm actually hoping Nathan or Lars is
on this mailing list. :)

Thank you,

Adam Monsen <adamm wazamatta com>

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