[Glade-users] trouble with notebook widgets in libglade

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 01:53, Rob Benton wrote:

I don't know if what's in the .glade xml is correct or not but it looks 
to me like empty child tags.  I've tried just getting the main window 
from libglade and showing that.  I've also tried getting the notebook 
itself and using gtk_container_add on it.  I've built the project in C 
and tried copying exactly what is generated but I think the problem is 
in the xml.  I'm attaching it so you can see the "<placeholder/>" tags.

Yes, you have empty notebook pages. It looks like libglade can't handle
that, as it can't add empty pages to a notebook when it loads the file.

Just add a hbox to each page in Glade and it should load OK. 


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