[Glade-users] trouble with notebook widgets in libglade

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 19:35, Rob Benton wrote:
Hi everybody.  I'm just getting started using glade and gtk and have 
been running into a problem creating gtknotebook widgets.  When I use 
glade to build the C source files of just a window and an empty notebook 
widget, I have no problems.  But using the same xml and libglade I keep 
getting this error:

Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtknotebook.c: line 5041 
(gtk_notebook_set_tab_label): assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (child)' failed

Have you set the number of pages to 0? Or have you got empty notebook

libglade may well have problems with empty pages. One workaround is to
just put an empty hbox in the pages.


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