[Glade-users] LibGlade, mingw32, crosscompiling linux->windows, signal handlers

lord skandik wrote:

The long answer it's a simple example :)
I wish it was simple.  Since I am trying to get started with libglade,
I have been searching for any tutorial or example but am not having much
luck.  I tried to do your example but there appears to be a problem with
your makefile.  I was able to fix a few such as

-I"D:/devextra/include/atk-1.0"  -I"D:/devextra/incl
ude/pango-1.0"  -I"D:/devextra/lib/glib-2.0/include" 
where lines got wrapped but when I try to make, I get
"Makefile:17: *** multiple target patterns.  Stop."

I would really like to get started with libglade.   Can you or anyone
provide a simple and complete example that works?  Am I just missing
something in the makefile.  Perhaps it got mangled in the e-mail you
posted?  Are there installation specific things I have to change?
For example, I should change D:/devextra/include/atk-1.0 to wherever I
have Gtk on my computer?  Am I correct in thinking that D:/DEVCPP
is where you have the MinGW?

Damon Register

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