[Glade-users] Crosscompiling to embedded platform

Been looking thru the maillists archives and on the web, but can't find 
any useful info.

I'm hoping to use the Glade to make GUI for a embedded platform.
(Arcom Viper card running on a ARM, with Arcom linux).
Need to get (output from) Glade to crosscompile with the toolchain for 
my embedded system. (only using the gtk+ libs)

I'm quite a linux newbie, but as long as it's a makefile and it's not to 
big/complex I manage to crosscompile.
But I assume editing the makefile produced by autogen.sh is not the way 
  to go...

Anybody got any tips/info/references on how to do this?
(Getting the autogen.sh to use the crosscompile toolchain/libraries..)

Hope this is the right place for this question.


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