[Glade-users] A concept problem about lookup_widget().

Hello there,
   I'm a newbie to Glade & using ANJUTA as my working environment.
I'm practising widget control of GTK and working on a simple profile manager project.

   Here is the problem: I got a mainWindow containing 4 text entries named entryName,
entryPhone, entryEAddress, entryAddress & 3 buttons named buttonLoad, buttonSave, 
buttonExit. When the buttonLoad is clicked, it will create a FileSelection widget.
And I connect the ok_button of this FileSelection widget to a handler called 
"getfilename", following is the definition:

void getfilename( GtkWidget *w, GtkFileSelection *fs )

I hope this function can load in a pure text file and filled the data into entry widgets.
But when I try to use lookup_widget() function to obtain the control of those entries,
I found that it's impossible!! Because that the mainWindow isn't exposed to this handler,
I can only lookup the widget in FileSelection widget but not those widget in mainWindow
for this handler can't take more argument like the mainWindow.

  What I want to ask is that if somehow there is possible way to lookup those entries in
this handler. Or is there any other solution such as make handler take more arguments?...

Thanks for reading these & any replies.

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