[Glade-users] Concept checking

On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 13:51, =?iso-8859-1?Q? G=FCnther=20Mittermayer ?=
Hi there,

just checking some concepts... I always thought that GTK was the API to Gnome, and therefore, if I made an 
application using the GTK libraries, it was implicitly a Gnome application.

But I am trying to cross compile a Glade generated program, and just learned that the way to do that to my 
platform is by "removing all gnome-specific function calls".  Does that mean that:

1) a GTK application is not the same as a Gnome application?

Yes, GNOME includes extra features which aren't in GTK+.

2) if yes, would a GTK application run in others platforms, such as KDE?

KDE and GNOME are completely different.
However, most Linux systems have both the KDE and GNOME libraries
installed so you can run KDE and GNOME applications.

3) a Glade application is a Gnome application?

You choose whether to create a GTK+ or GNOME application.

4) If I got it right on the above, is there an easy way to understand which are Gnome specific, and which 
are GTK functions?

The function name should tell you. If it starts with 'g_' 'pango_' or 'gtk_' you
can use it in a GTK+ app. If it starts with 'gnome_' you can't.

If you make sure you only link to the GTK+ libraries you will soon find out if
you've used GNOME functions as there will be an error when linking.


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