[Glade-users] OT: Visual Basic to GLADE

Dear kosh, wanxiaohu and list members,
    I have written a 'Visual Basic 5/6' to Glade-2 convertor (I think i'll
call it 'vb2glade'). It is still in its first week of its development. I
have done this using C++(console) in win32. Although my code can hopefully
be portable to Unix/Linux, I would appreciate some VB user (or ex- VB user
like me) to kindly help me test the program. On win32, I am using
glade-1.1.2 that I put up at: http://wingtk.sf.net.

Here is a brief account of the features:
1) Detection, parsing and output of the following VB Controls:
 a) Label
 b) Command Button
 c) Text Box (-> GtkEntry)
 d) Check Box
 e) Option Button (Radio button)
 f) Combo Box
 g) Picture Box   (along with conversion of the stored picture to XPM
format. See 2 below.)
 h) Frame (and embedding other controls within it)
 i) Vertical Scroll Bar
 j) Horizontal Scroll Bar

2) Conversion of embedded images in forms that are used with pictureboxes to
xpm. For this I have used 'djpeg' from libjpeg, 'ppmtoxpm' and 'bmptopnm'
from netpbm package. The image file formats supported presently are:
 a) Windows Bitmap (.BMP)
 b) Joint Picture Expert Group (JPEG)  (.jpg, .jpeg, .jfif)

1) nested frames
2) menu bars/menu items
3) callbacks

For anybody who can help me with this, please contact me. Also, these is a
similar effort to convert VB interfaces to GTK at:
http://www.naken.cc/vb2c/. Also, I hope someone experienced in C++ can help
me port my program to Unix.


p.s.: Here's an account of my foolish, rash comments on the topic a while

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From: "kosh" <evil_kosh_uk yahoo co uk>

It is impossible, however that doesnt stop someone from writing a
convertor that converts from VB format to .glade format, perhaps thats
an avenue someone clever might investigate?

Perhaps a plugin system for Glade 3.0 might be in order, that allows
people to write a plugin to import other formats? just thinking off the
top of my head, I dont actually know how to do this, dont know enough
about Glade, or it's file format to do it myself, but perhaps someone

On Sun, 2003-07-20 at 18:29, Ishan Chattopadhyaya wrote:

From: "wangxiaohu" <skybird 163 com>
Is it possible that Glade can import other formats of GUI?
Such as .frm files from Microsoft Visual Basic.

If this feature is implemented, I guess a lot of people will moving to
Gtk+ programming.

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