[Glade-users] Concept checking

Hi there,

just checking some concepts... I always thought that GTK was the API to Gn=
ome, and therefore, if I made an application using the GTK libraries, it w=
as implicitly a Gnome application.

But I am trying to cross compile a Glade generated program, and just learn=
ed that the way to do that to my platform is by "removing all gnome-specif=
ic function calls".  Does that mean that:

1) a GTK application is not the same as a Gnome application=3F
2) if yes, would a GTK application run in others platforms, such as KDE=3F
3) a Glade application is a Gnome application=3F

4) If I got it right on the above, is there an easy way to understand whic=
h are Gnome specific, and which are GTK functions=3F

thanks a lot,
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