[Glade-users] OT: Visual Basic to GLADE

Here is a pre-release version of my program for testing:


Dear kosh, wanxiaohu and list members,
    I have written a 'Visual Basic 5/6' to Glade-2 convertor (I think i'll
call it 'vb2glade'). It is still in its first week of its development. I
have done this using C++(console) in win32. Although my code can hopefully
be portable to Unix/Linux, I would appreciate some VB user (or ex- VB user
like me) to kindly help me test the program. On win32, I am using
glade-1.1.2 that I put up at: http://wingtk.sf.net.

Here is a brief account of the features:
1) Detection, parsing and output of the following VB Controls:
 a) Label
 b) Command Button
 c) Text Box (-> GtkEntry)
 d) Check Box
 e) Option Button (Radio button)
 f) Combo Box
 g) Picture Box   (along with conversion of the stored picture to XPM
format. See 2 below.)
 h) Frame (and embedding other controls within it)
 i) Vertical Scroll Bar
 j) Horizontal Scroll Bar

2) Conversion of embedded images in forms that are used with pictureboxes
xpm. For this I have used 'djpeg' from libjpeg, 'ppmtoxpm' and 'bmptopnm'
from netpbm package. The image file formats supported presently are:
 a) Windows Bitmap (.BMP)
 b) Joint Picture Expert Group (JPEG)  (.jpg, .jpeg, .jfif)

1) nested frames
2) menu bars/menu items
3) callbacks

For anybody who can help me with this, please contact me. Also, these is a
similar effort to convert VB interfaces to GTK at:
http://www.naken.cc/vb2c/. Also, I hope someone experienced in C++ can
me port my program to Unix.


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