[Glade-users] GtkText Widget?

I'm using the New Riders book, MySQL Building User Interfaces to learn 
Glade. It was written to go with a version of Glade that came with RH 
Linux 6.2 (or thereabouts). I'm using Glade 1.1.1 on a machine running 
RH 8.0.

For one of its projects, the book calls for a widget to support the 
entry of comments. It is a multi line text entry widget that appears, 
from the code I downloaded from the book's web site, to be a GtkText 
widget coupled with a GtkScrolledWindow widget. I don't find that widget 
in the 1.1.1 palette. The closest I find is a GtkEntry widget, but I 
don't see a way to get it to scroll.

Can someone point me in the direction of documentation that will tell me 
how to get a multi line text entry widget with the 1.1.1 version?

Thanks for the help.


Dick Steffens

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