[Glade-users] creation evetn for a window

Hello Halil:
In the main.c which glade creates I added the a call to gtk_init_add:
   GtkFunction *func_ptr;
   func_ptr = (GtkFunction *)&my_init;
   gtk_init_add((GtkFunction)func_ptr, (gpointer)someData);

BTW, I placed it in the main after the show and before the call:
    gtk_init_add((GtkFunction)func_ptr, (gpointer)someData);
    gtk_main ();

Probably unconventioal, but it worked for me.

On Fri, 14 Nov 2003 04:38:05 -0800 halil agin <e116432 metu edu tr> wrote:
When a window is firstly constructed, does it generate a signal or
event? if so, what is it?

I want to make some initialization on my components in the window
it first created...
I thought that when it firstly created, it will generate a signal
event and i want to learn what it is...

May be i am wrong, if so how can i do that?

thank you,,,

best regards,

Halil Agin
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