[Glade-users] Quick Question

I'm attempting to use glade to build a user interface for the 
configuration dialogs of an XMMS plugin that I'm working on at the 
moment.  I've been able to get the output files from glade to build 
correctly and link with my xmms plugin code (no errors), but when I run 
the code itself and attempt to create the main dialog window, I get a 
segmentation fault.  The seg fault appears to be occurring in the 
routine "g_type_check_instance_cast" when it's called from the library 

For reference, I'm running these on an out-of-the-box install of 
Slackware 9.0.  This includes gtk-2.0, glib-2.0, atk-1.0, and associated 

Any ideas of what could be causing this?  More detail necessary?  A GDB 
backtrace isn't very helpful, as none of these libraries are compiled 
with debug flags.



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