[Glade-users] Signals and objects

  It's been several years since I last tried glade (an early version) so my
memory has rusted. I've two questions -- now -- on properly applying glade-2
to build my applications' UIs. If there's a document that I haven't read
that contains this information (and more like it), _please_ pass me a
pointer to it. Passing by value and reference both work in this case. :-)

  1.) The main window is used for data entry and viewing of an individual
record in my contact manager database. There are several text entry widgets.
For each one, I want to trap the signals for insertion, change and deletion.
Is there a short-cut way of writing the handlers in a switch statement
rather than adding the same three signal handlers (with different names, of
course) to each of multiple text entry fields?

  2.) The "Properties" dialog box has columns for the signal, handler, after
toggle and object. The first two columns are the subject of question 1;
every one needs to call the handler _after_ any change rather than before
change so that's OK; but to what does the 'objec' column refer? I thought
that the object was the widget whose properties were displayed in the dialog
box. What are my options for this column and what criteria are used to
decide which to select?

  I'm sure I'll have more questions as I get further along, but this does
beat writing interface code one line at a time. I've done that before and
it's even more boring. :-)



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