[Glade-users] gtk_tree_selection_get_selected_rows and gtk_tree_path_free


 I am using multiple selection, which I get with
gtk_tree_selection_get_selected_rows() It gives me a list I can use,
and as the info page says I would like to free the list at the end as:
To free the return value, use:

g_list_foreach (list, gtk_tree_path_free, NULL);
g_list_free (list);

I get a warning:
warning: passing arg 2 of `g_list_goreach' from incompatible pointer type

Anyway, my problem is gtk_tree_selection_get_selected_rows, as it returns
a list which is correct in length (as many GList element as many rows are
selected before), but when I try to get the data with g_list_nth_data I
only get empty ('') strings (not null I believe). Any idea?


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