[Glade-users] distributing a program that uses libglade

  after reading some threads I've shifted from using Glade generated
code to using libglade to generate the UI. However I face a problem

Right now I use glade_xml_new() which requires the path to the Glade
file. However when distributing the program I would require to ditribute
the Glade file as well.

To avoid this I thought of using glade_xml_new_buffer() - however  I
still need to fill the buffer at run time.

So basically I want to some how create a string at compile time from my
Glade file. I've tried fiddling with #defines but to no avail.

has anybody faced this problem and gotten around it?


Rajarshi Guha <rajarshi presidency com> <http://jijo.cjb.net>
GPG Fingerprint: 0CCA 8EE2 2EEB 25E2 AB04 06F7 1BB9 E634 9B87 56EE
Mathematics consists of proving the most obvious thing
in the least obvious way.
-- George Polya

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