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Hello all,
I've designed an interface with a GtkTreeView and a toolbar and a=20
dialog window for an about dialog.  I saved the file and I'm using=20
Anjuta-HEAD to code in.  Everything compiles and runs just fine but I=20
have 2 questions about programming with libglade.
1.  How do I access the GtkTreeView in code?  What I mean is,=20
there are=20
only a couple lines of code to get the program to run when I use=20
libglade but there are no headings in the tree view and no way to set=20
them in the Glade interface builder.  So how do I make changes to the=20
GtkTreeView?  Do I have to change the XML file or is there way to=20
access widgets with code?  As you can tell, this is my first=20
time with=20
Glade and libglade so if someone can point me to a web page or a=20
project that uses libglade I'd appreciate it.  Maybe I should=20
just have=20
glade generate the code so that I can learn, but I keep reading that=20
the next version of glade will not have the code generation so I'm=20
trying to learn libglade.  I've read everything that comes with glade=20
and libglade and Anjuta but I don't find anything beyond how to get a=20
libglade file to compile and run.

You can use glade_xml_get_widget to access your GtkTreeView and then do
whatever you want with it.  Look at the GtkTreeView documentation

Even if you use glade & anjuta you will have to learn the gtk API to
modify the tree view.

2.  When I start the program, the dialog box *always* starts with the=20
program instead of only when I click the "About" button. When=20
I cancel=20
the dialog and click on the "About" button, it works just=20
fine but how=20
do I get it to not start up when I run the program?

You have to put the undesired window "visibility" property to false on
glade.  Otherwise libglade will show this window on startup.


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