[Glade-users] Glade and gettext...

Can't believe I lost so much time looking for it.. must be the cafeine on =
my coffee  ;) =20
It works fine now, thanks a lot Rikke!

As for the thing with libglade-convert, you are right again, I hadn't used=
 libglade-convert. =20
But I just tryied it out and it just spits me the whole contents of the .g=
lade file on the screen... and glade 2 still won't open my project..

Does libglade-convert create an output file somewhere else=3F should I have =
it as a parameter=3F

I just typed libglade-convert project1.glade, should that be enough=3F=3F

thanks again.

BTW, is there any good documentation on glade other that the FAQ=3F=20

"Rikke D. Giles" <rgiles telebyte com> schrieb am 31.07.03 14:04:45:
How on earth do I disable gettext=3F=3F=3F
I'ts under the C options... General Options, gettext support.  Uncheck=20
it.  You'll need to rebuild your project then
I'm using Red Hat 9,  and glade 1 (for some other strange reason my
project can't open on glade-2)
This is probably becuase you haven't converted it yet with libglade-
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