[Glade-users] Begining with gtk

Hi everybody on the list,

I am C++ developer and I worked with fltk for a long time. But i think th=
at my=20
apps will look better if I start using GTK2.2. I want that my apps be=20
cross-platform, so I want to use just plain GTK2.2.

So i started glade and designed application UI (It is simple dictinory ap=
p for=20
supporting Gnome translation to Serbian, so nothing special is in it).

I made some callbacks (for word search from sqlite database and for exiti=
app, but I have a problem). I planed to use something like list view with=
columns. So i clicked on "list or tree view" control in glade-2 and put i=
t in=20
container in the window. I figured that is put some treeview widget becou=
se i=20
  GtkWidget *lista;
  lista =3D gtk_tree_view_new ();
in my code, but i donot know what to do with it... How can I add columns,=
rows, browse one column by row, add select callback that will copy cell=20
content to clipboard and others. Where I can find some examples and docs?

Also, what is the best way to learn GTK+ programming?

Thanx in advance,
Goran Rakic

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