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Hi Aneesh,
What i mean is i have an application with button1 and button2. Now i
added the event handler for button1. I wrote all the things that i am
supposed to do in the event handler.Now i realized that i need to add
the event handler for button2. Is there a way in glade that i can do
that. I added the event handler but then no code was getting generated.
Again when i did a build source code, all the thing that i have done for
button1 is gone.

Sounds like you forgot to save your work on button1 before you pressed the
build button in glade. The way to do it is:

Add code as you did.
Save to file.
Add the handler to button2 (don't forget to press the 'add' or 'update' 
Build the source code.
Reload callbacks.c and callbacks.h into you editor and hack your code into 
dummy function glade put into these files.

If you add the same handler to a second buttons, glade will try to 
another _dummy_ function with the name that is already existing. You have
to edit this by hand in callbacks.c and callbacks.h

Hope this helps,
Franz Parzefall
Vision Systems

Multitest elektronische Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
Aeussere Oberaustr. 4
83026 Rosenheim
Tel:   +49 (0)8031 406 473
Fax:   +49 (0)8031 406 420
Email: f parzefall multitest de
Web:   www.multitest.de

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