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I don't know visial basic so I connot contrast it, 
but I'll try to help 
anyway.  I don't know what you know, so it's hard to
write up a help.  One 
persons question implied he thhought glade would
write code for him to get 
widgets to interact, when what it just writes the
code for the front end.  
You have to do the rest.

anyway, here goes...

Any widget, buttons included, emitte a 'signal'. 
The simpliest thing to do 
is, while in glade, click on the button, go over to
the 'properties window', 
click on the 'signal tab'.  You will see 'Signal',
'Handeler', 'Data' etc.  
On the far right of Signal you will see a button
with '...' on it.  Click it. 
 A dialog box will pop up asking you which signal do
you want.  Click on the 
'CLICKED' signal.  Save and build.  This will create
a an entry in the 
callbacks.c file.  Load up a text editor (I use
glimmer, others use glide, 
emacs, whatever you like.)  You put the code you
wish executed in that entry 
in the callbacks.c file.  (In case you don't know,
that is in the /src file.)

If your button is named "end_button", the function
generated in "callbacks.c" will be named
"on_end_button_clicked(/* a bunch of arguments you
probably don't need to use */)". This is about the
same as the VB Private Sub cmdEnd_Clicked() procedure
(assuming you named your button cmdEnd). You have to
put your code to end the program here. I don't know
what your program does, but this may as simple just
saying "gtk_main_quit()"
Once someone asked me for help connecting a few
items.  An entry box for the 
user to put text, a button that when clicked will
drop the text into a list 
box.  I'll send you the program.  The user face
looks a little slappy (I 
didn't create it, nor did I fix it) but it does show
how this is done.  I'm 
going to send this file to you.  If anyone else
wants it, send me an e-mail.


On Saturday 13 October 2001 10:23 am, Ishan
Chattopadhyaya wrote:

I am a new user to Linux and Glade. I earlier used
Visual Basic (in
Windows). I want to know that when I add a Button
widget, how do i make
sure that when the user clicks the button, the
program ends. In other words
I want to assign a command to the button. Please
give a detailed help as i
am a beginner to the terms used in Linux and
Glade. I would be really
grateful to the Linux community if anyone can

Ishan Chattopadhyaya (15 years old)

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