[Glade-users] Using status bar

Hello all,
        I'm going to make a new front end for my rio500 and then (after gaining some
experiance) attempt to help w/ the current grio500 project (or maybe they'll
just take my front end and call it a day :).  I've got a book that took me
through getting info onto a dialog box, but I would like to add text to the
appbar (GnomeAppBar) on the bottom of a Default Gnome Application Window.  I'm
having problems getting a pointer to it.  I know I need lookup_widget, but what
would I use?  I've attempted the following:

GtkWidget *appbar1;
appbar1 = lookup_widget(GTK_WIDGET(button), "appbar1");

I've also tried GTK_WIDGET(app1) and GTK_WIDGET(window1), all give me wonderful
compile errors.  My book didn't give me much to go on here (Professional Linux
Programming, Wrox) so I look to you.

Thanks for your time!

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