[Glade-users] Am I using libglade?

I've created my app in Glade and am just looking at interface.c that it
generates.  That file is full of functions beginning in gtk_ and sets up
all the widgets with 'em.  Where are the easy glade_ function calls?

In the tutorials I've read, it's always just a matter of loading in the
project.glade XML file and going to town.  Something like:

        GladeXML *xml;
        GnomeApp *prog;

        xml = glade_xml_new("prog.glade", "prog");
        prog = glade_xml_get_widget(xml, "prog");

As far as I can tell, there was no use of my project.glade file at all by
the Glade-generated code.  interface.c certainly didn't make use of it.
I'm sure this is something silly that I've missed in the project options,
or something to that effect, but I'm stumped.

Matt McParland                                  matt engsoc org

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